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By now I am sure you will all have noticed some significant changes starting to take shape inside and outside of Volksrust Spar. We have finally managed to move all surplus stock to the new store room upstairs and will be tiling the old downstairs store room which is to become additional trading space especially designed to accommodate the new Deli area. I ask that all our customers be mindful of the construction work going on around you when shopping at Spar. Due to the metal workers strike in June/July this year we will be experiencing some delays with the delivery of shelving and equipment which will now push the re-launch date to around the 11th of November.

We wish to apologise upfront to all our customers for the inconvenience that lies ahead but we promise that it will all be worth it. The new SuperSpar will offer so much more to you by way of convenience, range and plain old simple shopping experience.


Vrede Spar for those of you that have visited is starting to shape up and is now in that phase where improvements are implemented in regular small steps. Please assist us with feedback using the CONTACT US page on this website.

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